Swindon - then and now



Anon (05/07/2011): This is where the Fairways flats are now. I remember when the old ladies from these flats used to sit at the cafe opposite; they were always very chatty and friendly.

On a Sunday evening in Dyke Road at the Army Barracks opposite the tennis courts, the band would play and people would gather in the park to listen. Although I don't live in Brighton any more I still go there now and again it hasn't altered much. I have many happy memories of my times there.

Geoffrey Mead (17/02/2013): I lived in Dyke Rd Drive from 1949-1982 and was at school nearby at Stanford Rd infants and juniors and Brighton Grammar. Dyke Rd Park was a favourite haunt after school. My mum used to meet me at Stanford and bring my trike and I would whizz around the paths of Dyke Rd Park for what seemed like hours, especially through the Rose Garden which was probably 'Out of Bounds' so all the more inviting. The belt of trees at the bottom of the park by the playing fields seemed like a dense wood but probably was only a scraggy copse. It gave hours of fun to small boys, with a watchful mum on the bench across the grass by the path. Then a glass of lemonade and some Smith's crisps on the south side of the cafe sitting in the last of the sun. On a clear evening at sunset you could see the Isle of White from the top of the twitten by the old tram shelter.

terry hyde (13/10/2013): The old tram shelter that Geoffery Mead mentions is now at the open air museum at Amberley.

Dinah Tracey (20/02/2013): I have lived in the Dials by Dyke Road Park for about 16 years and have walked my dogs there nearly everyday for all of those years. If anybody knows the history of the park prior to the 1950s I would be very interested to hear it, also has it always been owned by the council?

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